A healthy new brand of organic matcha, fresh from Japan!



Minister's Morning comes in a traditional tea tin, and is packaged in a black and gold gift box! The tea is sealed for freshness.



Made in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan from the highest quality organic tea leaves available! Feel confident that you are getting the best matcha.



Minister's Morning tastes great, and will become part of your healthy and natural lifestyle! Use it for flavoring healthy drinks or cooking!


Shizuoka tea originates from the Shizuoka region of Japan, which is well known as the country’s main tea producing area. The climate is warm and sunny, which is ideal for growing tea. The special flavour characteristics of Shizuoka tea are a pure mild taste and a refreshing aroma. It is well known for removing drowsiness and relaxing both body and mind.

This tea is rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll and nutrients, and features both a vibrant green colour and a rich green tea taste. Made from hand-picked, shade-cultivated tea leaves that have been finely ground on centuries old stone mills, it is vacuum packed for freshness.

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We think our matcha is great, but don't just take our word for it. Here are some comments from our happy customers!

"organic and pesticide free"

"This matcha has an amazing taste. There is no artificial flavor at all. It is smooth, strong and delicious. I love the fact that it is organic and free of harmful pesticides which is quite hard to find with tea and matcha today! I've been using it to make a copycat of my favorite Starbucks frappuccino and this makes it taste even better!"

"This matcha powder arrived in the prettiest tin. Inside the tin the powder was in a sealed bag to keep it fresh. The matcha powder whipped up into a frothy delicious beverage (I put sugar and milk in mine). The flavor is very bright and delicious. I have seen lots of recipies that use matcha powder and this would be a perfect matcha powder to use!"

"bright and delicious"

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